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FurBid-SF LJ Community

Play nice and have fun!

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All Members , Moderated
This community is for users of FurBid-SF.

This is a moderated community. We have made it so due to the increased amount of flames and off topic advertising which is running rampant through the internet these days. That does not mean we are heartless. In fact, we wish to do as little moderation as possible. So, for that some guidelines have been created.

Listing Guidelines/Eiquette :
  • Do not flame! Everyone is entitled to have an opinion of their own. A flame, however, is not an opinion.
  • Criticism should be constructive. If someone asks for advice, help, or opinions, keep your post constructive.
  • Typing in all caps is commonly seen on forums as shouting. This also is true of excessive use of bold, oversized fonts, or overuse of colour. It is rude and inconsiderate to use these tactics of visual spam.
  • Auctions which are mature in nature must be placed behind an ljcut or linked to. All auctions of this nature must be given a proper label to warn anyone who may be underage or at work of the nature of the link/cut before they click it.
  • Listings from auction sites other than FurBid-SF (FurBuy, FurEauction, Ebay, etc) or even direct posts for business are welcome. This journal is about exposure, and getting you the best exposure we can give you. Please do keep them on topic though.
  • If you have made a post and it has not shown up, please give it some time. We generally check the system at least four times a day unless we are on vacation. If we are on vacation, it may take a couple of days before we approve your post.

Additionally :
ayukawataur, the Administaur of FurBid-SF, regularly watches this journal and will be able to answer any questions you may have for her.

- Ayukawataur ayukawataur