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Last Res0rt Vol. 2 Kickstarter - Be an Extra in the Comic! [X-posted all over]

If you ever wanted to appear in a comic book, this is your chance!

I'm raising funds to print Volume Two of Last Res0rt, and I'm offering cameos -- they come with badges to make sure I'm drawing your character right, so it's like a huge multi-part commission of your character(s)!

You can pre-order the books too, but this offer for cameos is only running during the kickstarter -- so check it out today!

Meloncollie up for sale on Furbuy!

--> <-- picture in question

I have decided to put the "Pin Up" of the collaboration between LoupGarou and myself up on Furbuy,
so if you liked the fruity lady here's your chance to get hold of the original without having to attend
any of the cons I could have dragged her to. X3

AUCTION >> [link] << AUCTION

FurBid-SF back up

Short version.
/var logfile system filled. Faulty rotation settings. Dan adjusted to make more efficient. Should be working again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I will not be able to address any more issues for at least a week.



I am not where I can check FurBid.
I do not know what her status is.
I have sent a message to my assistant admin to have him check her. But, this is a holiday and family and holiday is more important than a server. Once I know more I will update and make a decision.


FurBid-SF Image Fee Removed, Image Limit Raised & Image Size Limit Raised

At the time I moved Furbid to FurBid-SF, most people I knew were using Dial-Up. Images, and image size was a serious consideration.

I have made three major changes to the site operation mechanics.
*1. The fee for listing images has been removed.
*2. Image limit has been changed from 2, to 3
*3. Image size for the FurBid-SF Image Host has changed from 100k to 250k per image limit.

This is something I have been considering for a while, but have recently decided to place in effect to open options to more of the community.

With this change, listing of auctions, as long as the listing does not use any of the attention grabbing features, is now completely free. This is the way I intend to keep the system.
Rawr Bear!
  • jurann

Um, something wrong?

Anybody else seeing no auctions on Furbid right now? And no forum? Ayukawa, what's up? Looks like maybe in the midst of a server move or something? Strangely I can still login to my account and see my details, but there aren't any auctions anywhere on the site and the forums link says 401 Forbidden...